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Chavism Alzheimer

Mental confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, disorders of language, loss of memory and a predisposition to isolate themselves, are some of the symptoms that medical science has been known as Alzheimer's disease, which manifests itself with cognitive impairment and behavioral disorders.

And all of these symptoms presents the body of so-called chavism, and have thus been observed it for 15 years, and according to medical specialists the average general life for those who suffer from it, after diagnosis is 14 years, allowing us to understand the reason why we have been victims of outrages, all excesses, abuses, scandals and an endless number of atrocities committed by those who hold power, whose gravity - according to medical science - begins to deteriorate day by day, without a frank recovery less hope, which causes its slow agony.

Alzheimer's that affected chavism, made possible that they forget the larger chapters collecting history, as the collapse of the Berlin wall in the midnight of November 9, 1989. This event did not take place spontaneously, instead it has its antecedents in innumerable facts of German everyday life, as well as international politics, and the constant demands of democratic changes Government already not could provide to deaf ears; massive and peaceful demonstrations in cities such as Berlin East, Leipzig, Dresden and Halle, where thousands of Germans raised his voice to demand the resignation of the entire Cabinet and the holding of free elections and reforms, among others.

Alzheimer's disease suffering from Chavez's supporters, made them forget the end of the Soviet Union, a product of the reform process started in 1985 that precipitated a dynamic and ended up taking ahead the very existence of the State founded by Lenin, and that in the midst of a deep economic crisis, with a population thanks to the Glasnost (transparency), increasingly aware of the reality that had characterized the existence of the so-called USSRnationalism acted as uncontrollable factor in disintegration of the Soviet State. Subsequently the centrifugal movement began in the Baltic Republics, which during the autumn of 1989 made it clear his intention of breaking ties with a State which had joined after the Molotov-Von Ribbentrop Pact in 1939 and not by their own free will.

Alzheimer's of Chavez's supporters made them forget that there are several types of socialism, from the Utopian socialism to his cousin Brother nazi-aleman Nazism, Marxist whose trend are common even when its members spent so much time trying to differentiate themselves through enters if. But if there is something fundamental that identifies them, and is not nothing but mistrust or contempt for the autonomy of the individual and the insistence on politicizing and centrally plan the activities of a society, what should be understood by socialism or socialization.

Alzheimer's of Chavez's supporters made them forget, that man is master of his own body and in addition of the results obtained by their use, and that under this premise the Liberals of the nineteenth century had made the great universal truth that "we are owners of our lives and our property", since our survival as human beings is inseparable from our material needs and that our rights end where start otherconfirming the history and principles that are evident today, embodied in the form of Government competitive and limited by a Constitution, which ensures the peaceful social coexistence and prosperity relative to the advances of the time. And none of these is possible, if there is a central planning of the economy and other areas of the social life of a nation. In other words, socialism is by definition, a model that acts over the inalienable rights of individuals, which undoubtedly amounts to a violation of them. They forgot that beneficial, and voluntary social cooperation does not require the political imposition of a majority, a dictator or a single party.

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