jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Maderaso and Expulsion

Yesterday after the fall of the greatest club of Argentina River plate against Godoy cross a raging swells took pedaso wood ripped from one of the stalls and threw it to the group of players Godoy cross when they had difficulty celebrating the goal that would give them the victory in the Monumental. Responsible for receiving the attack of wood was the defenders Leandro Grimi right on the back, the wind and the rotation of the timber caused the player received the blunt side of the object, and luckily all was a shock to the player . Past the time and heard what happened the new president of Club River plate, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, RC investigate who was the aggressor, and in the case of membership of the club throw

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Zanetti wants Mourinho to Chelsea

At 40 years and 850 games played at Inter in Italy speaks of possible cross from Javier Zanetti Jose Mourinho to Chelsea in June this year. Is it possible? . By all accounts in various media, Il Capitano is Mou plans to play a year in the Premier League, and then join your workgroup. The Pupi is a legend at Inter and has won 16 titles, of which five of them were with Portuguese as manager: Serie A 2008/09 and 2009/10 Coppa Italia 2009/10 Champions League 2009/10 Italian Super Cup 2008.

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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Mariotto "lied Othacehé long & q

The Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Mariotto, said today that the clearance of the mayor of Merlo, Raul Othacehé at Renewal Front is "a behavior very last that will hit the sensibility of a people" and called it "A navel-gazing".

"No leak, no intendete that was the navel looks and lied to us for a long time," he said Mariotto in dialogue with the Guetap program Radio Vorterix, adding: "It is a navel-gazing, you look at your own destiny" .

In this regard, he added: "I suspect that the accession of Othacehé our space was speculation do not understand how can a waving flag and then another.". "Beyond that there may be a claim of leaders, so there is a light attitude change mask without blushing" embisitó.

The official said that "there is a perk political culture and speculation is sometimes above the idea" and the pass Othacehé is "a behavior very last that will collide with the sensibility of a people." "Treason is fleeting, but is repeated, says the poem," he quipped.

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Sex is a daily deal

Clarin is a leader in breach of the rule eliminates the "Sector 59" of classified

103 monitored daily, there are 13 currently in breach with the restriction offer sexual publish in its pages. From the lead agency under the Ministry of Justice, last year applied 12 sanctions and further legal action will be planned.

Human trafficking is the third business carried on in the world, after arms and drugs trafficking. In this plane, and to a specific request of President Cristina Fernandez, Argentina governs the decree 936/2011 prohibiting the dissemination of messages and images that stimulate or encourage sexual exploitation: the elimination of so-called "Sector 59" of classified . This measure has a direct impact on reducing the demand for sex trafficking and contributes to the eradication of stereotypes that promote the objectification of women or reproduction of social practices that ensure trafficking.

But without either from this decree announcements on "alleged" violation decreased significantly, there are still 13 newspapers that are advancing in violation of the rules.

The truth is that the intervening body in this area in 2013 provided information on 1,685 ads in print media, under 64 preliminary investigations or court cases. Moreover, according to reports from the portfolio, 84 complaints, many of which resulted in bringing criminal charges against the Attorney Explains about 1,341 commercial sex ads in the print media, web pages and street flyers were processed.

Clarin Punishment

Heads the list of defaults Clarin. Inquired about Maria Chantal Stevens, coordinator of the Office to Monitor Publication Notices Sex Trade (OM), said: "While since the President announced the decree and there was a high level of compliance, we still have newspapers that have strong resistance to the measure. The biggest defaulter of the decree, in relation to the number of notices published following day on sexual offer, is the daily Clarin. "

Address identified defaults from the body warn that took place in 2013 35 performances and intimations to eradicate such publications and 12 penalties were applied daily.

About the sanctions proceedings, Stevens explains that there are a number of previous instances to be met from the body to the point of asking the medium cease with the publication of these notices, in case of continued failure, "you get to the stage punitive. If these publications continue to farm becomes a record and a fine is imposed. "

In fact, the newspaper Clarin and is credited with a fine for breach of the standard of around 360,000 pesos for the publication of 23 ads hot and, says Stevens, was not paid, which earned the newspaper the prosecution theme by the body.

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Inspectors hiceron strike for a failed operation.

Angry. Traffic police launched a crackdown on Friday after an offender barricaded himself in his car to avoid going to impound.

Not down. On Friday, the truck inspectors sealed Remondino but could not kidnap her. Lived episode on Friday in the city of San Lorenzo, Santa fe. Where a motorist barricaded himself in his vehicle that was not sent to the yard, tail and brought a conflict that continued until yesterday. Is that, although the violator achieved its goal and after five hours inside his pickup continued his march, forwarding agents of the Municipality began a crackdown without services until the authorities take action on the matter and ensure that the operation comes to an end failed. That is, the car outside the corral.

As published The Capital in its Saturday edition, the central corner of San Martin and Falucho was altered by an operating transit van stopped a burgundy color, towing her back a wooden cart. The vehicle did not meet the requirements for driving, as its occupant did not have the green card, insurance and vehicle technical inspection, as stated at the time the inspectors.

It was not any unsuspecting driver, but a former city official with great media exposure, Marcelo Remondino, former Secretary of Human Rights and Consumer Protection of San Lorenzo, advisor to Senator Armando Traferri and council candidate in the last election. Remondino claimed abuse of authority and

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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The sound system that can kill you

No matter how many watts your amp has, or any changes you make to your car stereo, there will be a larger sound system. And in some specific cases, we must say "extremely" large. One is the LEAF, used by the European Space Agency to perform delicate acoustic testing equipment, and is so powerful that it could liquidarte.

Launch a probe into space is no small feat. It should take into account a huge amount of variables for the safety and operation of all equipment involved is within the desired parameters, since small errors paid dearly. One of the latest examples is the satellite CBERS-3, jointly developed by China and Brazil, that was destroyed on 9 December. Losses totaled $ 265 million, and failure forced both countries to reschedule the launch of CBERS-4. Anything can cause unwanted end a mission mode. Even the noise of the rocket during launch itself may damage some sensitive piece, orbit and carry nothing but a paperweight several hundred million dollars. Engineers and scientists must anticipate any problems of acoustic stress, and for this, there is a sound system LEAF acronym for "Large European Acoustic Facility".

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Street artist with classical art covers advertising

We live in an age where advertising is integrated into our lives, and especially to the urban landscape. Yes, there is no doubt. In excess, we would say, invade us from every corner. But why should we accept it passively? That same Lavie Etienne, a French artist who inhabits the great City Light, cradle of culture, fine arts and aesthetics in all its forms was raised.

A break codes, the Parisian was said. For his project titled "Oh, my God, Who stole my ads?" Lavie chose images of great French artists of the past such as Delacroix, Ingres and Millet, in order to reclaim public spaces and thus "challenge the destructive impacts the advertising industry. " Another object of the artist is that people slow down for a moment, stop the routine and enjoy a moment of beauty.

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Pain in farewell to the heroes

The bodies of seven firefighters and two rescuers who died in the fire and collapse in a reservoir in the neighborhood of shacks are dismissed by family and friends in different parts of the capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

Firefighters Federal Police who died in the fire and collapse of a storage facility documentation Barracks are veiled from midnight Wednesday in the Golden Hall of the body, located in Belgrano Avenue and Viceroy Cevallos, Capital Federal.

The deceased is Inspector Leonardo Commissioner Day, the Deputy Inspector-Anahí Garnica, 27, mother of a girl and a member of the first class of women in the Superintendent-Fire, the first ends Eduardo Adrián Canessa and Damian Béliz and Maximiliano agents Matías Martínez and Juan Monticelli.

Sources Security Ministry reported that the bodies of the public servants who lost their lives in the accident, which destroyed tanks international company Iron Mountain (IRM) at the Buenos Aires neighborhood, "will be veiled to the 16" and the burial will be in the cemetery of Chacarita.

Meanwhile, the wake of the remains of Sebastian Campos, volunteer firefighter Vuelta de Rocha, began at 22 and will last until 14 Thursday in the barracks where she worked, located in Garibaldi 2042 in the neighborhood of La Boca.

The accident also killed and rescuers Barícola Pedro Jose Mendez, members of Civil Defense of the City of Buenos Aires.

A Barícola watch it from 23 to 10 in Parana 7093, Villa Adelina-northern suburbs, and burial will be in Olivet Cemetery. The wake of Jose Mendez made it at the same time in the firehouse Wilde in street Brandsen 4800, sources with the city government.


A Mass in honor of the deceased firefighters and rescuers Civil Defense was held at St Benedict in the neighborhood of Palermo.

"It was a Mass for the fallen comrades of duty", trusted sources of volunteer firefighters Vuelta de Rocha.

The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the parish, located in Maure and Villanueva, and attended by relatives, neighbors and friends of the nine victims of the accident.

Meanwhile the Ombudsman of the City expressed regret "at the loss of firefighters and rescue workers in fulfilling its charitable work gave their lives."

In this regard, urged "his public recognition as civilian heroes" and made available to "colleagues, family and neighbors" institutional work teams support and containment.

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Actresses gorditas fight prejudice in his underwear

Cacau Protásio, Simone Gutierrez, Mariana Xavier and Fabiana Karla, Brazilian celebrities joined forces to combat preconceptions about the body and feminine beauty. So raise the flag of plurality.

The girls, free body and clothes

Cacau was the one who spread the image of four women in bikinis, enjoying their bodies in a tropical landscape. The actress revealed two photos on his Instagram where you see them the four divas playing on the sand, unapologetic about their voluptuous figures.

"It is the people who have to be tasty for summer, summer is the one to be palatable to the people! Health itself, not neurosis "Cacau decreed a group name. "The trend of this season should be the pride! Saquémonos sarong! Manifesto for the respect and differences ", then proudly declared, along with a number of hashtags that refer to not obsess about the body and weight: # osolnasceupratodas (" the sun rises for all "), # fatproud (" Proud being fat "), # movimentoplussize, # tireseubiquinidagaveta (" Get your bikini drawer "), # enterreopreconceito (" Enterra your preconceptions "), # glamouréserfeliz (" glamor is to be happy "), # veraosemvergonha (" summer without shame ") , # gordelícias, # mulheresreais, # revelesuabeleza

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