miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Inspectors hiceron strike for a failed operation.

Angry. Traffic police launched a crackdown on Friday after an offender barricaded himself in his car to avoid going to impound.

Not down. On Friday, the truck inspectors sealed Remondino but could not kidnap her. Lived episode on Friday in the city of San Lorenzo, Santa fe. Where a motorist barricaded himself in his vehicle that was not sent to the yard, tail and brought a conflict that continued until yesterday. Is that, although the violator achieved its goal and after five hours inside his pickup continued his march, forwarding agents of the Municipality began a crackdown without services until the authorities take action on the matter and ensure that the operation comes to an end failed. That is, the car outside the corral.

As published The Capital in its Saturday edition, the central corner of San Martin and Falucho was altered by an operating transit van stopped a burgundy color, towing her back a wooden cart. The vehicle did not meet the requirements for driving, as its occupant did not have the green card, insurance and vehicle technical inspection, as stated at the time the inspectors.

It was not any unsuspecting driver, but a former city official with great media exposure, Marcelo Remondino, former Secretary of Human Rights and Consumer Protection of San Lorenzo, advisor to Senator Armando Traferri and council candidate in the last election. Remondino claimed abuse of authority and

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