jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Pain in farewell to the heroes

The bodies of seven firefighters and two rescuers who died in the fire and collapse in a reservoir in the neighborhood of shacks are dismissed by family and friends in different parts of the capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

Firefighters Federal Police who died in the fire and collapse of a storage facility documentation Barracks are veiled from midnight Wednesday in the Golden Hall of the body, located in Belgrano Avenue and Viceroy Cevallos, Capital Federal.

The deceased is Inspector Leonardo Commissioner Day, the Deputy Inspector-Anahí Garnica, 27, mother of a girl and a member of the first class of women in the Superintendent-Fire, the first ends Eduardo Adrián Canessa and Damian Béliz and Maximiliano agents Matías Martínez and Juan Monticelli.

Sources Security Ministry reported that the bodies of the public servants who lost their lives in the accident, which destroyed tanks international company Iron Mountain (IRM) at the Buenos Aires neighborhood, "will be veiled to the 16" and the burial will be in the cemetery of Chacarita.

Meanwhile, the wake of the remains of Sebastian Campos, volunteer firefighter Vuelta de Rocha, began at 22 and will last until 14 Thursday in the barracks where she worked, located in Garibaldi 2042 in the neighborhood of La Boca.

The accident also killed and rescuers Barícola Pedro Jose Mendez, members of Civil Defense of the City of Buenos Aires.

A Barícola watch it from 23 to 10 in Parana 7093, Villa Adelina-northern suburbs, and burial will be in Olivet Cemetery. The wake of Jose Mendez made it at the same time in the firehouse Wilde in street Brandsen 4800, sources with the city government.


A Mass in honor of the deceased firefighters and rescuers Civil Defense was held at St Benedict in the neighborhood of Palermo.

"It was a Mass for the fallen comrades of duty", trusted sources of volunteer firefighters Vuelta de Rocha.

The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the parish, located in Maure and Villanueva, and attended by relatives, neighbors and friends of the nine victims of the accident.

Meanwhile the Ombudsman of the City expressed regret "at the loss of firefighters and rescue workers in fulfilling its charitable work gave their lives."

In this regard, urged "his public recognition as civilian heroes" and made available to "colleagues, family and neighbors" institutional work teams support and containment.

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