jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The sound system that can kill you

No matter how many watts your amp has, or any changes you make to your car stereo, there will be a larger sound system. And in some specific cases, we must say "extremely" large. One is the LEAF, used by the European Space Agency to perform delicate acoustic testing equipment, and is so powerful that it could liquidarte.

Launch a probe into space is no small feat. It should take into account a huge amount of variables for the safety and operation of all equipment involved is within the desired parameters, since small errors paid dearly. One of the latest examples is the satellite CBERS-3, jointly developed by China and Brazil, that was destroyed on 9 December. Losses totaled $ 265 million, and failure forced both countries to reschedule the launch of CBERS-4. Anything can cause unwanted end a mission mode. Even the noise of the rocket during launch itself may damage some sensitive piece, orbit and carry nothing but a paperweight several hundred million dollars. Engineers and scientists must anticipate any problems of acoustic stress, and for this, there is a sound system LEAF acronym for "Large European Acoustic Facility".

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