miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Mariotto "lied Othacehé long & q

The Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Mariotto, said today that the clearance of the mayor of Merlo, Raul Othacehé at Renewal Front is "a behavior very last that will hit the sensibility of a people" and called it "A navel-gazing".

"No leak, no intendete that was the navel looks and lied to us for a long time," he said Mariotto in dialogue with the Guetap program Radio Vorterix, adding: "It is a navel-gazing, you look at your own destiny" .

In this regard, he added: "I suspect that the accession of Othacehé our space was speculation do not understand how can a waving flag and then another.". "Beyond that there may be a claim of leaders, so there is a light attitude change mask without blushing" embisitó.

The official said that "there is a perk political culture and speculation is sometimes above the idea" and the pass Othacehé is "a behavior very last that will collide with the sensibility of a people." "Treason is fleeting, but is repeated, says the poem," he quipped.

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