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Sex is a daily deal

Clarin is a leader in breach of the rule eliminates the "Sector 59" of classified

103 monitored daily, there are 13 currently in breach with the restriction offer sexual publish in its pages. From the lead agency under the Ministry of Justice, last year applied 12 sanctions and further legal action will be planned.

Human trafficking is the third business carried on in the world, after arms and drugs trafficking. In this plane, and to a specific request of President Cristina Fernandez, Argentina governs the decree 936/2011 prohibiting the dissemination of messages and images that stimulate or encourage sexual exploitation: the elimination of so-called "Sector 59" of classified . This measure has a direct impact on reducing the demand for sex trafficking and contributes to the eradication of stereotypes that promote the objectification of women or reproduction of social practices that ensure trafficking.

But without either from this decree announcements on "alleged" violation decreased significantly, there are still 13 newspapers that are advancing in violation of the rules.

The truth is that the intervening body in this area in 2013 provided information on 1,685 ads in print media, under 64 preliminary investigations or court cases. Moreover, according to reports from the portfolio, 84 complaints, many of which resulted in bringing criminal charges against the Attorney Explains about 1,341 commercial sex ads in the print media, web pages and street flyers were processed.

Clarin Punishment

Heads the list of defaults Clarin. Inquired about Maria Chantal Stevens, coordinator of the Office to Monitor Publication Notices Sex Trade (OM), said: "While since the President announced the decree and there was a high level of compliance, we still have newspapers that have strong resistance to the measure. The biggest defaulter of the decree, in relation to the number of notices published following day on sexual offer, is the daily Clarin. "

Address identified defaults from the body warn that took place in 2013 35 performances and intimations to eradicate such publications and 12 penalties were applied daily.

About the sanctions proceedings, Stevens explains that there are a number of previous instances to be met from the body to the point of asking the medium cease with the publication of these notices, in case of continued failure, "you get to the stage punitive. If these publications continue to farm becomes a record and a fine is imposed. "

In fact, the newspaper Clarin and is credited with a fine for breach of the standard of around 360,000 pesos for the publication of 23 ads hot and, says Stevens, was not paid, which earned the newspaper the prosecution theme by the body.

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